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Orlando is undoubtedly the amusement capital of the Worlds. This city of Florida is home to amazing theme parks, dazzling aquariums, and the world-famous universal studio. From Mickey to Shamu to world`s most famous boy wizard, tons of millions of visitors throng the city every year. Orlando is a host to various attractions and activities that will pleasantly surprise you. So if you are travelling to Orlando anytime sooner here is our list of must-sees and getaways that suits your style.


The king of theme park resorts, the Walt Disney World is a massive complex that can take flawless planning and professional expertise to navigate through it. There are 4 theme parks at Walk Disney World- Epcot, Disney`s Animal kingdom, the Magic Kingdom and Disney`s Hollywood Studios. If you are a big Disney fan, visit all the four theme parks, but if you have only a day then visit the Magic Kingdom. That`s where you will find all the classics such as Cinderella Castle, the haunted mansion and it`s a small world.


If you have read all the J.K Rowling series of Harry Potter or a die-hard fan of the movie series, then transport yourself to Hogwarts in this faithful recreation of the world of Harry Potter. Relax by sipping some butter-beer, savor fish and chips or browse the shops or enjoy the rides, you will have an amazing time here. Don`t forget to bring your kids along!


With its huge aquariums, popular dolphin and whale shows, touch pools and extensive list of rides, the SeaWorld pulls large crowds. It also allows opportunities for close encounters with dolphins and other residents. SeaWorld in Orlando is among the world's largest marine parks.


Visit an old-time Orlando theme park which was opened in 1949 as a roadside attraction but now has expanded to a 110-acre habitat for snakes, crocodiles, alligators, and other exotic species. Fill your day with plenty of interesting activities like live shows, gator wrestling, up-close encounters, a zip line overhead and a train ride through the swamp.


This perfectly constructed theme park is a major sight of various attractions and entertainments. The park was designed in consultation with Steven Speilberg to give an interactive experience to the visitors with the movies. It is divided into two different theme parks- Universal Studios of Florida and Universal`s Islands of Adventure. Spend a whole day here to have a unique experience.

Pack up your suit, your favorite sunscreen, and your most comfortable shoes to have lot of fun and entertainment at Orlando. Currently we are offering various packages with huge discount offers. So just strap on your favorite bag and travel to marvel at this wonderful city.

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