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Booking tickets online was never been so easy! You simply fill up the query form after filling all the columns with correct details and hit ‘submit’. You will receive a call back from one of our customer representatives that will offer you the lowest price guaranteed. After confirming all the details and the booking, we will send you a confirmation mail with booking ID to your required destination.

Although we try to make booking reservations confirmed on the same day, but occasionally there can be some delay. This can be happened due to various reasons such as the requested rate or deal is no longer being available, problems in verifying your details or with the airlines for special assistance. If within 24 hours of making a booking request you do not receive any confirmation mail from our side, kindly contact our customer care team.

At the time of making payment, you might notice more than one deduction on your card. It can happen for two reasons. First, the bank has withhold the payment on your card and second, that we have charged you separately. Generally the airline charges you for its administration fares and other taxes. The charges that we levy include our service fee and amount of all the other services that we are providing you.

The fare mentioned on our website is subject to change. Therefore you may find a difference between the website price and the price that you will pay for.

The policy for baggage allowance depends on airlines to airlines. The confirmation email that you will receive from our side will include the baggage allowance and policies regarding the flight you have booked.

You can make the payment through credit/debit/visa/master card and also can pay through bank transfer. The total booking amount will be deducted from your card after you confirm the booking. Our all the payment gateways are secured and we take stringent steps to protect our customers against fraud.

Some airlines allow you to check in online while some others don`t. So the check-in policies vary depending upon with which you have booked your tickets. The confirmation email that you will receive from our side will mention the check-in policy regarding to your airlines you have booked. If you need more information about check-in policies you can also contact our customer care.

API which is also known as Advance Passenger Information is guideline that is used by the United States and EU states for the security purpose. Under API, the passenger has to provide all their personal details along with their passport number before they travel. The information must be passed on to the related airline within the said time frame to ensure a hassle-free travel.

In order to minimize the fraudulent transactions that have become a common sight in the travel domain, we require our customer to provide us with an express authorization along with photocopy of credit card, debit card, passport and ID card. You can either send us the scanned documents through mail or via fax. We strive to give you a better customer experience, kindly cooperate with our customer support.

If you have made payment through your debit or credit card, your bank may show double charges temporarily. This temporary withholding of the funds is standard for every travel agency. The double charge made by the bank is to withhold the fund temporarily, to cover the total amount of the ticket inclusive of the total amount of the ticket. After processing the payment the charges will be released by the bank automatically.

Yes, Certainly! Online booking system is flexible and allows you to make reservations even on the behalf of your friend or family member. However to confirm about the legitimacy of booking, we might review all the details of the booking and authorize only after reviewing it thoroughly. You must also provide us a valid phone number and e-mail id for the efficient communication process.

Before booking tickets with any airlines, it should always be considered that every airline has different set of terms and conditions. Your booking will be subject to our terms and conditions as well as the airlines. Also there are few tickets that are refundable while other may be non-refundable. There may be some penalty charges incurred by few airlines. So it is recommended that you must go through all the booking related terms and conditions from the website of the airline.

The airlines reserve the rights to make amendments or alter the changes in names or surnames. Most of the low-cost airlines or if you have booked tickets under the discounted fares may or may not accept the name changes. While most of the airlines refuse to modify once the booking is done, occasionally few airlines might charge you in return of modifying the names. In such cases, we cancel the entire booking to issue a new ticket in the name of the customer. All the additional charges will be borne by the customer.

Any changes in the flight schedule or any other services, if made by the airlines, will be communicated to you by us. We will notify you via phone, email or text message with all the details and information related to your booking. If the changes are acceptable by you then you can go ahead with all the instructions mentioned in the e-mail. If you don’t give your consent to the changed made by the airlines, you can contact us. Make sure that all the personal details and credentials that you provide at the time of booking are correct, as the phone number and e-mail provided by you will be used for the later communication.

If you want to add few additional services such as boarding on priority or extra luggage, you can tell our customer care representative at the time of booking or making reservation. If you have already booked a ticket and after booking you want to go for some additional services you can call our customer care executive. However you might require to shed some extra charges for the services.

It is not possible to cancel a booking once it is confirmed. Only after receiving the confirmation and receipt of payment, we issue the tickets and make the reservations. On issuing a ticket we enter into a binding contract with the respective airlines and thus in turn considered the same between us and the customer. As per the IATA rules, only the ‘airport taxes’ will be refunded no matter what the reason and the duration of cancellation.

Refund policies vary and are subject to the fare conditions related to the ticket that you purchase. Some tickets are refundable while some are non-refundable. If you miss your flight due to any reason, you must apply for the refund within few hours. In some cases refund are possible after deducting the administrative fees. Although we do not force our customers to buy or take travel insurance, taking insurance may help you to get refund in the case of any unforeseen circumstances.

We may charge you a small amount for the refunding process in addition to the charges that airlines may levy. We would try our best to initiate the process as soon as possible, but at the minimum the entire process may take around 4-6 weeks.

As we have said earlier, the rules and guidelines may vary. So if the passenger is under 18 and travelling alone, you can proceed with reservations by contacting our support team.

During the booking process, you can mention and request for the special assistance for the passenger. Although the types of assistance and policies of the services may vary, you can still enquire about it from our support team. If you have already made the booking and want to request for special assistance, you can simply contact our assistance team.

We want to provide the best flight experience to our all the customers. That is why by keeping all the factors into consideration, we offer an array of different flights in unique combination. From world-class airlines to low-budget air carriers, we offer our customers a chance to select their departure and return flights from the different air carrier. If you are booking two way flights from different airlines, cancelling one side of the flight won`t affect you other booking, however terms and conditions will vary.

In the event of some mismanagement or dissatisfaction with our services, you can register your complaint at . We believe in learning and growing! Thus, your valuable feedbacks and comments are always appreciated.

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