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Nairobi is Kenya`s capital city which is not only famous for its metropolitan charm but also for its natural reserves. Although the dazzling night safaris are what make the country famous, it is Nairobi that has become the center of tourist attraction.

Get amazing flight deals from London to Nairobi from our website and discover 5 tourist attractions in Nairobi :

Visit David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

If you are a wildlife lover then a visit to David Sheldrick wildlife trust will give you a reason to be happy. The wildlife trust takes care of the young and orphaned rhinos and elephants that are the victims of human-wildlife conflicts and poaching. The animals are here nurtured back to health and the trust is home to more than 150 infant elephants. Visit the trust and enjoy the slurps and gurgles of young elephants fed by administrators. You can also adopt an elephant for $50 and follow its inspiring journey first-hand.

Picnic in Nairobi National Park

Take your own rented car to Nairobi National Park which is located just 7 km from the city center. Drive into a mass of highland greenery at an affordable price and encounter the world`s biggest black rhino population. There are multiple picnic spots found in the area where you can enjoy a couple of snacks along with your family.

Take a Stroll to Nairobi National Museum

Showcasing a collection of ancient, rich and cultural artifacts, Nairobi National Museum is located at 10-minutes distance from the city center. The collection dates back to the earliest prehistoric remains. The museum exhibits the incredible skeletal discoveries of homo-habilis that was discovered by the infamous archeologists Richard and Mary Leakey. You can also find an extensive collection of the native bird species that will amuse any bird lover.

Feed Giraffes at the Giraffe Center

Nothing can beat the amazing experience of feed an endangered Rothschild giraffes at the Giraffe center. Located in Langata, this giraffe center is administered by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife. Visitors can stroke, caress, feed and kiss innocent giraffes from behind the wooden platform. You can also feed them a tasty grub of pellet-shaped biscuits. Do not miss out on this amazing experience and book your flight from London to Nairobi. Also, you can get the cheapest deals if you book early.

Get Lost Amidst Karura Forest

If you are looking for a place to disappear in the lap of nature than the lush scenery of Karura Forest is the perfect escape. Venture out in the early hours of the morning in order to avoid the sun and heat as well as the rowdy crowd. The forest perched upon a volcanic rock which is one-million-year-old d is home to plenty of indigenous animals such as handsome Bushbuck and the big-eyed Bush Baby.

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